New Tools for Teachers
Rockland Teachers' Center # 489-09
New Tools for All Teachers--Partially Online
Fall 2005

Mike Frerichs

Justin Brown

Bardonia Elementary School Library Media Center


Resources and Links

Concept Maps

Concept Maps Go to School

IHMC CMap Tools Home

People and Theories

James Burke and the "Trigger Effect."

KnowledgeWeb Project

Smithsonian Site on James Burke

Implications for Education of Burke's "Web" Theory of Innovation

Susan Patrick and the National Technology in Education Policy

Susan Patrick Presentation Notes Mohonk Mountain House, October 29, 2005

Thomas L. Friedman and the Flat World

The World is Flat

Robert Lackie and the Invisible Web

The Invisible Web

Dreamweaver and Web-building Resources

Intro to Dreamweaver (pdf)  by J. Brown

Building a web page cmap

Dreamweaver Download


Digital Storytelling

Classroom Resource Guide from United Streaming

Digital Storytelling Resources CMap

New Tools for State Standards

What's the Future cMap

MarcoPolo New York


Collaborative and Independent Learning Projects

Collaborative Projects You Can Join

Webquests (An Old New Tool)

WebQuest Page at San Diego State University

Template Downloads 1

Template Downloads 2

eField Trips is run by the National Park Service.