Native Americans Today
By Joseph, Lauren, Ashleen, and Andrew

Native Americans today do a lot for our country.  If we didn’t have the Navajo Code talkers, we would still be fighting in World War II.   Right now I will tell you about them. The Navajo Code Talkers were Indians that fought in World War II. When the Japanese listened over the phone lines the code talkers talked their Navajo language and the Japanese couldn't understand them.  Navajo Code

Below you will find a picture of the famous Navajo Code Talkers.

Navajo Code

           Native Americans today live just like us. They dress similar to us, and they live in houses like ours.  If you walked past a Native American, you wouldn’t know they were Native Americans. Most Native Americans live on reservations. A reservation is land set apart by our government for a certain purpose. They work in jobs like us . They work as nurses, in factories, lumber mills, in offices ,and other professional jobs. Each year families gather berries and wild rice. They garden and make maple syrup.  The Chippewa  by Alice Osinski. Chicago : Childrens Press, c1987.


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