by Brittany, Harnsowl ,Laurie ,Stephanie ,Johann 4A 

 Arrowheads are generally classified according to the following notch types: 

1) Side notched

2) Bottom notched

3) Cornered notched

4) Corner notched and bottom notched

5) Side notched and cornered notched

6) Stemmed and bottom notched

7) Notch less, either triangular or oblong in shape-sometimes called  “stemmed” or “shouldered.”   

Here is a picture of an arrowhead and the arrowheads parts labeled:

Yeager, C.G. “Arrowheads, Spearpoint, or Knife?” Arrowheads and Stone Artifacts, A Practical Guide for the Amateur Archaeologist. Pruett Publishing Co.:Boulder ,Colorado, 2000. Page 47-73



Native Americans used arrowheads for many reasons.  They used them to hunt, garden, dig, and eat.  The earliest arrowheads date back to the ice age.  Native Americans created arrowheads with flint, jasper, metal, and a hammer stone.   Some Indians traveled about 100 miles to get the equipment.  They often used deer antlers as a tool to create arrowheads.

Today many people find arrowheads and use them to find out about the past.  Although many people search with good intentions some people are bad.  Pot hunters destroy sites that hold important arrowheads and stone artifacts. 

American Indians used arrowheads  to hunt game and defend their homes. Sizes and shapes of arrowheads depended on the type of tribe, and the kind of stone available.



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