Awards and Accomplishments
January 2011 - Present
(Archive - August 2007 - January 2011)

June 2011

First in Ethics

The following North High School students took first place at the annual Stevens Institute of Technology Ethics Bowl.
» Greg Briker – grade 10
» Ben Kloenne – grade 11
» Amelia Mindich – grade 10
» Meg Ryan – grade 11

The students were judged against other teams from our region on their responses to case studies and to judges questions about the case studies. Questions centered on ethical problems on wide ranging topics, such as the classroom (e.g. cheating or plagiarism), personal relationships (e.g. dating or friendship), professional ethics (e.g. engineering, law, medicine), or social and political ethics (e.g. free speech, gun control, etc.). A panel of judges evaluated the answers; rating criteria were intelligibility, focus on ethically relevant considerations, avoidance of ethical irrelevance, and deliberative thoughtfulness.

May 2011

National History Day
Below is the complete, revised list of winners of the National History Day State Final competition held in Cooperstown. The first place teams will go the national finals in Maryland.

The FFMS Winners:
Group Web Site (1st Place)
 - Ethan Yobloko
 - Junhak (Justin) Kim

Individual Documentary (1st Place)
 - Nithya Kasi

Group Documentary (3rd Place)
 - Riya Shah
 - Kristen Cordero

Bassett Healthcare Award
 - Peter O'Neil

Museumwise Award
 - MacKenzie Badick & Meaghan McGovern
The North High School Winners:
Senior Group Documentary (1st Place)
 - Shelby Hougui
 - Miskat Rahman
 - Saarthak Sarup  
Senior Group Presentation (1st Place)
Madison Deming
 - Jake Gogats
 - Irina Huang
 - Elizabeth Kantor (South)
 - Shivkrish Lingala  

Senior Group Web site (3rd Place)
 - Josh Berg (South)
 - Greg Briker
 - Robert Duggan
* Joan Lee joined a team from South in finishing 4th in the Senior Group Documentary.
The South Winners:
Group Website (1st place)
 - Dhruv Ragunathan
 - Yeon Gyeong Lee
 - Alvin Matthew
 - Arven Rulona
 - Rohan Patel

Group Website (3rd place)
 - Joshua Berg
 - Greg Briker (North)
 - Robert Duggan (North)
 - Group Performance (1st place)
 - Elizabeth Kantor
 - Madison Deming (North)
 - Jake Gogats (North)
 - Irina Huang (North)
 - Shivkrish Lingala  (North)

Group Performance (3rd place)
 - Olga Zubashko
 - Daniel Weiner

Senior Individual Exhibits 3rd Place and
Kate Mullany Medal for "Most Outstanding Entry Focused on American Labor

 - Rebecca Loring

» Zachary Ringer
» Lauren Goldman
» Abbey Murphy
» Sneha Mehta
» Joan Lee
National History Day Advisors
Mr. Jordan Turner, Clarkstown High School North  
Mrs. Laurie Young, Clarkstown High School South
Mr. Paul Clemente, Felix Festa Middle School


CCSD Students Tops in Illustrating the Importance of Bus Safety
Clarkstown students, including two brothers, dominated in many of the categories of the National School Bus Safety Poster Contest’s Lower Hudson Valley school competition. Winners are from Bardonia Elementary, Congers Elementary and Birchwood. The posters of our first place winners will advance to the state competition to be held this July in Saratoga. Congratulations!

First Place, Grades K-2
Amir Abdulnasser - Bardonia (below)

First Place, Grades 3-5
Chris Martino - Bardonia (below) Second Place, Grades K-2
Peter Grafstein - Congers
Second Place, Grades 6-8  
Nick Martino - Birchwood (above with his art teacher, Mrs. Paula Stavros)

April 2011

District Director of Fiscal Management Wins School District Business Leader Award
Mr. John LaNave, director of fiscal management for the Clarkstown Central School District, was selected as the recipient of the 2011 School District Business Leader Award, sanctioned by the New York State Association of School Business Officials. Mr. LaNave was nominated for the award by the faculty of the Department of Educational Leadership and Administration of Long Island University CW Post. The award recognizes a school business official who has shown exceptional leadership skills and has made significant contributions to a school district. Mr. LaNave is certified as a School District Business Leader by the New York State Department of Education. The award was presented on April 26, 2011 at the CW Post Campus in Brookville, NY. John has held his position in Clarkstown since February 2010.


Congratulations to the FFMS students who competed in the NYS National History Day Contest. Many of our students brought home awards.

First Place - Group Website

  • Ethan Yobloko

  • Justin Kim

First Place - Individual Documentary

  • Nithya Kasi

Third Place - Group Documentary

  • Riya Shah and Kristen Cordaro

Museumwide Award for Excellence

  • McKenzie Badick and Meagan McGovern

Bassett Healthcare Award

  • Peter O'Neil

First Place winners will go on to compete in the National Contest at the University of Maryland in June.

Invention Convention Winners
Invention Convention is an opportunity for Dimensions students to stretch their creative minds and challenge themselves to design a product that will fulfill a specific need. For example, 1st grader Jason Albrecht invented a robot that gives back massages...and who couldn't use that!

Congratulations to all the winning inventors who shared their creations at the Invention Convention at Felix Festa Middle School:

1st Grade
Jason Albrecht - Woodglen

3rd Grade
Adam Shinder - New City

4th Grade
6th - James Rung - Laural Plains
5th - Liran Maayani - Link
4th - Mark Albrecht - Woodglen
3rd - Luke Samuels - Strawtown
2nd - Mia Dominick - Strawtown
1st - Rivindu Wijedoru - Bardonia

5th Grade
3rd - Tyler Guarino - Congers
2nd - Ryan Marvin - New City
1st - Morgan Reed - New City

6th Grade
3rd - Jessica Cannata
2nd - Eden Nebel
1st - Daniel Proano


March 2011

QED Receives Medal
QED (Clarkstown North's Journal of Mathematics), under the direction of Maria Rappazzo, was awarded a Silver Medal from The Columbia Scholastic Press Association.


National History Day Winners:
Last week the winners of the regional National History Day competition held on Saturday, March 12 were announced. The South list was incomplete and is now printed below in its entirety. All first and second place winners will advance to the State competition to be held in Cooperstown on Friday, April 29.

South High School:

Group Performance
1st Place: Olga Zubashko and Daniel Weiner
2nd Place: Elizabeth Kantor*

Group Exhibit
2nd Place: Danielle Clynes and Lillian Lu
3rd Place: Roopali Shreedhar, Navjot Batra, Alina Sardana, Julia Hoch

Group Website
1st Place: Dhruv Ragunathan, Yeon Gyeong Lee, Alvin Matthew, Dhruv Ragunathon, and Rohan Patel

2nd Place: Joshua Berg*
3rd Place: Ariela Nazar-Rosen, Shadrach Hepner, George Lopez, and Laksh Agrawal

Group Documentary
2nd Place: Lauren Goldman, Abbey Murphy, Sneha Mehta, and Zachary Ringer*

Individual Exhibit
1st Place: Rebecca Loring
2nd Place: Chaewon Rachel Kim

Individual Documentary
1st Place: Lauren Sapienza

Individual Performance
1st Place: Casey Lassaw

Historical Paper
2nd Place: James Jiang

*Groups with asterisks worked with students from North High School

North Video and Film Teacher in the Spotlight
Clarkstown North’s David Kaminski has been nominated for a 2011 Rockland County Executive Arts Award in the “Arts Educator” category. The Awards are sponsored by the Arts Council of Rockland and the Executive Office of Rockland. The ceremony and announcement of the winners will take place on Thursday March 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Rockland Community College. We wish David luck and congratulate him on his nomination!

David's Nomination:

David Kaminski - For more than thirteen years, David Kaminski has been teaching the students of Clarkstown North High School the art of video and film production. He has heralded a unique approach to educating students in the arts. He has let them know that their creativity need not be 'age-appropriate' but that they are capable of excellence often on a par with professionals and even luminaries in the field. Instead of merely creating the typical internal broadcast ‘'television station'’ found in many high schools, his students have garnered national awards in film and documentary competitions. These have included the Student Emmy's, nine Telly Awards, an unprecedented two of the prestigious Cine Golden Eagle Awards in one season (2009), and more than 225 screenings in film festivals and competitions in states across the country and Hawaii, including screenings in Macedonia and Canada. He has refused to teach down to his students based on their age. As a result, numbers of them end up going into the field and coming back to inspire the next group of upcoming artists. David also has a talent for reaching out into the surrounding creative community and bringing local and regional artists to the classroom to share their artistic wares and inspire others. In this way, he both teaches the arts and supports the artists. David has been very active in Rivertown Film and coordinating Rockland Filmmakers where he educates the general public in all aspects of filmmaking. His work and approach to teaching students the art of film and video creation and production is nothing short of visionary and embodies the entire artistic cycle. David Kaminski richly deserves this recognition for boldly pushing the envelope of what students can, and often, do achieve.


February 2011

National Bus Safety Contest - Poster Contest Winners

*** District Wide Winner







1st -Myles Ng
2nd - Karen Sabile
3rd - Erica Campos


1st - Peter Grafstein***
2nd - Quinn Moreno
3rd - Daniel Lennon

1st - Angelica Carrera
2nd -Summer Wollman-Hunt
3rd - Frankie Dirocco


1st - Nagely Quito
2nd - Robert Blake
3rd - Sophia Settle

1st -Isabella Donadio
2nd -Anthony Giacomaro
3rd -Arin Deutsch

1st - Deanna Whelpley
2nd - Matt Cavanagh
3rd - Helen Ramirez-Apuzzo

1st - Andrew Scerbo
2nd - Ryan Dorsainvil
3rd - Devon Zapata


1st - Amir Abdelnasser***
2nd - Cameron Gonzalez
3rd - Cabline Calbran

1st - Matt Keffer

1st - Kassidy Gaviola
2nd - Daniella Piselli
3rd - Karlee Keenan

1st - Luke Kunda
2nd - Chris Thomas
3rd - Ethan Zweigbaum


1st - Chris Martino***
2nd - Brooke Porco
3rd - Miyu Mudalamane

1st - Matthew Pollard
2nd - Timmy Nastro

1st - Jessica Luu
2nd - Kelly Cavanagh
3rd - Michael Waldron

1st - Jack Quarrie
2nd - Dariana Saavedra
3rd - Emma Tauken


1st - Sandy Chillogalli
2nd - Ben Partridge
3rd - Rory Heanue

1st - Michael Werner
2nd - Jake Doherty
3rd - Dylan Quagliata

1st - Alex Melendez
2nd - Mackenzie Nyemchek
3rd - Christina Regalbuto

Sejal Mathur
2nd - Lily Keenan
3rd - Carly Donoghue


1st - Kaitlyn Hughes
2nd - Sonali Mehta
3rd - Chet Chillogalli

1st - Nick Martino***
2nd - Tyler Gold
3rd - Matt Laufer

1st - Carleigh Rodi
2nd - Skylar Moreno
3rd - Amanda Licht

1st - Amanda Gorsky
2nd - Priscilla Medina
3rd - Teena Roy



Little Tor


Laurel Plains

New City


1st - Emily Maloney
2nd - Samantha Hough
3rd - Vincent Memmolo

1st - Miri Soukup
2nd - Chloe Simmons
3rd - Julie Lavell

1st - Jayden Fitzgerald
2nd - Stephanie Corredor
3rd - Joseph Tortorello

1st - Benjamin Fried
2nd - Jenelle Ludwig
3rd - Samantha Algranati


1st - Kiana Termine
2nd - Jillian Gavin
3rd - Frank Bruno

First Pl Aviana Granito
2nd - Alexa Henshaw
3rd - Olivia Leto

1st - Sean Son
2nd - Colin Hackett
3rd - Ryan Powers

1st - Sinead Downes
2nd - James Cantalupi
3rd - Allen Chengamthadan


1st - Gianna Mazzella
2nd - Nikki Rosenblatt
3rd - Olivia Piscani

1st - Arcelys Tineo
2nd - Briana Garcia
3rd - Katy Galdamez

1st - Kiera Doherty
2nd - Joseph Caiazzo
3rd - Marina Alex

1st - Sophia Scapolli
2nd - Rachel lander
3rd - Nicole Gendy


1st - Logan Wiseltier
2nd - Camilla Santana
3rd - Victoria Xu

1st - Mia Garcia
2nd - Jenny Huynh

1st - Taylor Moore
2nd - Cassie Gutierrez
3rd - Abby Riak

1st - Mikayla Brown
2nd - Adam Shinder
3rd - Elena Finelli


1st - Sabrina Gerstein
2nd - Edenna Chen
3rd - Skylar Kabatsky

1st (tied)- Melanie Gatchalian
& Malavika Panicker
2nd - Nyssa Murphy
3rd - Sudar Sundar

1st - Michael Poth
2nd - Kaitlyn Ahle
3rd - Jenna Ranney

1st - Karlene Scully***
2nd - Denielle Monteferante
3rd - Lauren McIntyre or


1st - Ericka McCue
2nd - Danielle Russo
3rd - Katie Garchitorena

1st - Josh Reyes ***
2nd - Teresa Thuruthuvelil
3rd - Taylor Popkave

1st - Anna Schonberg
2nd - Grace Dowd
3rd - Natalie Mastalerz

1st - Brandon Price
2nd - Brittney Hahn
3rd - Carly Baron




West Nyack



1st - Rachel Cohen
2nd - Emily Servidio
3rd - Sophie Shin

1st - Diya Sharma
2nd - Catarina Vescio
3rd - Michael Hade

1st - Brianna Krinsky
2nd - Maya Damesek
3rd - Jessica Caivano


1st - Olivia Capasso
2nd - Ashley Brockmann
3rd - Owen Brockmann

1st - Tricia Devine
2nd - Molly Jones
3rd - Nick Calabrese

1st - Ayden Manga
2nd - Arielle Arbel
3rd - Katya Powell


1st - Riley Stush
2nd - Lucas Walker
3rd - Vincent Marano

1st - Jesslyn Crawford
2nd - Aaron Rosales
3rd - Robert Michel

First Pl Katic Millman
2nd - Carly Cunillera
3rd - Margaret Cassady


1st - Tara Kotten
2nd - Kristi MacGregor
3rd - Molly Geyer

1st - Cailey Fischer
2nd - Kayla Tram
3rd - Kate Sweeny

1st - Marissa LaValle
2nd - Jeremy Cazes
3rd - Jonny Early


1st - Insa Dona
2nd - Karisa Hahn
3rd - Ashley Hennelly

1st - Alessandra Enderley
2nd - Elizabeth Lafasciano
3rd - Zoe Nelson-Barkan

1st - Taylor Haber
2nd - Emma Riddle
3rd - Courtney Spagnoh


1st - Meagan Toal
2nd - Brendan MCKiernan
3rd -

1st - Kyle McGrath
2nd - Wynnam Sable
3rd - Sofia Ercolino

1st - Jessica O’Neill
2nd - Stephanie Gleason
3rd - Katie Megerditichian


January 2011

Twelve Students Selected as National Merit Scholarship Finalists
The Clarkstown Central School District is pleased to announce that twelve students have been selected as finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

The recognized students are:

Clarkstown High School North
  • Anthony R. Conte

  • Christopher B. Emch

  • Nevin Kulangara

  • Jonathan Vayalumkal

Clarkstown High School South

  • Boyu Fan

  • Allen Lipson

  • Connie Lu

  • Srikalyan Megati

  • Brian O’Connor

  • Aaron Palmquist

  • Joanne Rosenthal

  • Divya Shah