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Felix Festa Middle School Campus » Academics » Math » MATH DEPARTMENT


 Clarkstown’s mathematics curriculum is aligned to The New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics containing five content strands (Number sense and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Probability and Statistics) and five process strands (Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof, Communication, Connections and Representation) taught as an integrated whole as indicated in the diagram below.

At the elementary level a strong emphasis is placed upon the Number Sense and Operations strand.  At the middle level the emphasis moves gradually toward the other strands, particularly Algebra, as the students prepare for their high school mathematics program.

A Mathematics Assessment Exam is a requirement for all students in grades 6 through 8.  This exam is administered each year in March.  For more information regarding the NYS Core Curriculum for Mathematics and the assessment program please visit the NYS Education Department Math link at the bottom of this page.

Math 6 Program 
The Math 6 curriculum reinforces and develops the students’ Number Sense and Operations while Algebraic applications of them are introduced.  Probability and Statistics are explored.  Geometric concepts and relations between shapes and measurement are investigated.  The Math 6 enriched curriculum follows the same outline while including more challenging problem sets.  Math 6 enriched is not a pre-requisite for future advanced courses but rather an opportunity for students to explore challenging concepts and to develop math proficiency. 
Math 7 Regular 
Students who are enrolled in this course are performing at grade level.  Topics such as number concepts, percent, probability, statistics, algebra, and geometry are discussed.  There is an emphasis on critical-thinking skills as applicable to problem-solving situations.  

Math 7 Accelerated 
This course is designed for the mathematically gifted student.  The curriculum is similar to that which would normally be covered over a two-year time span in the regular math classes.  Less time is spent on the routine skills and more time is devoted to applications, abstractions, and complex problem-solving situations.  There is a heavy algebraic emphasis to this course.  Student selections are based upon standardized test scores, teacher recommendation, and overall sixth grade performance.  This course is a prerequisite to Integrated Algebra Honors, which is offered in grade 8.
Math 8 – Regular 
Students enrolled in this course are performing at grade level.  The strands of Math 7 Regular are reviewed and extended with a strong emphasis upon the use of algebraic skills and concepts.  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be enrolled in Integrated Algebra in grade 9.
Integrated Algebra I Honors 
This course is designed for the student who completed Math 7 Accelerated with a grade of A- or better.  This is an enriched version of the math course described in the previous section.  In this class the students will study topics significantly more advanced than those required by the state curriculum for Integrated Algebra 1. Students who complete this course will earn one high school credit and will be eligible to continue in the honors program in high school.  Grades from this course will appear on the student's high school transcript.  Students completing this course may enroll in Integrated Geometry or Integrated Geometry Honors in grade 9. Students are expected to maintain a B– (80%) average in this class.

The completion of Integrated Algebra  in grade 8 will afford the student the opportunity to take math for college credits while in high school.

Both Integrated Algebra 1 and 1H prepare the student for the mandatory Integrated Algebra Regents which will be administered as the final exam for both courses in June.  In each of these courses there will be a school mid term exam. These exams will count as 20% of the semester and final average respectfully.

Math Intensive Grades 6 – 8
These courses are offered to students in need of additional support in mathematics.  They are REGULAR math classes with reduced class size to allow for individualized attention, reinforcement and review. In addition, a teaching assistant will provide the students additional support. 

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