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Felix Festa Middle School Campus » Academics » Achievement Centers » Achievement Center A school

Achievement Center A school

Welcome to the A-School Achievement Center 

Located in Room A 106

Please note HW Assignments  follow "Upcoming Tests and/or Quizzes"

All information is subject to change at the teacher's discretion.

  Achievement Center is a support program designed to provide individual and small-group instruction for one period every other day. The focus of Achievement Center is to help students reinforce content area while developing study skills and organization strategies that will enable them to function at an independent level. At times, the program can include working on homework as a tool to reinforce subject content and develop organization and study strategies. The purpose of Achievement Center is NOT to complete daily homework. The goal of A.C. is to have a student obtain independent success and exit the program.                                     

Upcoming Tests and/or Quizzes


Team 6-A1  Mon Tues Wed Thurs  Fri  

Mrs. Maffettone

Mrs. Montijo

Mr. Murphy


Ms. Caggiano     




Team 6-A2 Mon 


Wed Thurs Fri  
Ms. Wolper

Mrs. Cohen-

Ms. Herskowitz

Mr. Tallevi  


Team 6-A3 Mon Tues  


Thurs Fri 
Ms. Cavazzini


Mrs. Reda

Mr. Mikesh



Mr. Gorman  


Team 6-A4 Mon Tues   Wed Thurs Fri 
Mrs. Bader

Mrs. Hannifan

Mr. Merkert  

Mr. Mellino


Team 6-A5


Tues Wed Thurs  Fri
Mrs. Smith
Mr. Rose

Mr. DeCaprio  

Mrs. Reynolds



Team 6-A6 Mon Tues   Wed Thurs Fri 
Mr. Ferraro


Mrs. Brown

Mrs. McCarthy

Mrs. Fitzgerald

       Homework Assignments ( subject to change at teacher's discretion) If a teacher's line is blank, or is unavailable, it does NOT mean there is NO HW - please contact a HW buddy to get the assignment


                              IRB means Independent Reading Book

   TEAM A-1:      

Mrs. Maffettone

Ms. Montijo -  

Mr. Murphy -   

Ms. Caggiano


Ms. Wolper

Ms. Herskowitz -  

Mrs. Cohen -  WEBSITE 

Mr. Tallevi -  

Ms. Cavazzini - 

Mr. Greenberg - 



Team A-4:

Mrs. Bader -   

Mrs. Hannifan -  

Mr. Merkert - click here for website 

Mr. Mellino -  


Team A-5:

Mrs. Smith -  

Mr. Rose -    

Mr.  DeCaprio

Mrs. Reynolds -  

Team A-6:

Mr. Ferraro -  

Mrs. Brown -  

Mrs. McCarthy -  

Mrs. Fitzgerald -  


Check with your child if their teacher uses a different web site to communicate with their students.




Some Favorite Links:

  • Free Printable Flash Card Maker Use this site to make flash cards for yourself. You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view and print the cards.
  • RefDesk Great site for doing research! Everything from encyclopedias to magazines are at your fingertips.
  • The name pretty much says it all. Use this site to help answer questions you may have on your homework or when reviewing for an upcoming test.
  • Fact Monster One of my personal favorites! Find answers to all of your questions and then play games to test what you have learned.
  • Free Puzzle Maker If you like to make up your own word searches and crossword puzzles, then this is the website for you.
  • i know that Features fun games in science, math, language arts, social studies, and the arts!


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