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Clarkstown High School South » Academics » English Language Arts (ELA) » English Department » Summer Reading 2014

Summer Reading 2014

Clarkstown High School South

Summer Reading List


Complete your summer reading assessment as you read!
Please download the Summer Reading Journal-Alternative Assessment and sample rubric for details.

Reading good books broadens one's outlook, stimulates one's imagination, increases vocabulary, and provides quiet entertainment, a refreshing contrast to the over-stimulation of modern life.

Over the summer each student MUST read two books total from the appropriate list.  The appropriate list is the one that reflects the course the student will be taking next year. Seniors enrolled in semester courses should read one book from each course list. (Year long senior courses may have different requirements. Please check the appropriate reading list.)

Parents should review the list to help select books that are mutually acceptable to them and their children. The English department includes a rating guide at the end of each description numbered 1 to 3 to help parents guide their children's choices.  The guide is as follows:
                                                1 - Grade Level
                                                2 - Moderately Challenging
                                                3 - Challenging

We encourage parents to share their love of reading by helping their child to select appropriate reading material. The librarians at the public libraries will be able to offer guidance as you make your choices. (Please see the link at the bottom of this page. You may use this link to check book availability at the area libraries.) Additionally, online booksellers also provide extensive descriptions and reviews of books.  Acclaimed contemporary titles are included in these lists.  They may contain mature themes and graphic language.

You may find the following sites helpful to check reviews:

Barnes and Noble

Amazon Booksellers

NY Times Book Reviews

It is recommended that students take notes while reading books to facilitate student comprehension. A sample note taking sheet is provided through the related files section below. By the end of September, all students will be responsible for demonstrating an understanding of at least one book they have read. 

Select the course(s) you are taking in 2014
from the related files section below


Related Files

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