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Clarkstown High School North » Middle States

Middle States

Clarkstown High School North

Middle States Overview


Belief statements

On September 18th, 2009 our fourteen committees discussed and recorded beliefs that stakeholders have about the educational community at North High School.  This is a summary of the some of the beliefs determined that day:

§         CHSN should instill in our school community a passion for life-long learning, intellectual curiosity, and social responsibility.

§         School facilities should offer students the chance to use a range of dynamic technologies and expand to incorporate their new skills to solve problems and further their educational opportunities.

§         Every person in our school should be treated with respect to facilitate freedom of expression, individuality, personal comfort, and maximization of potential.

§         All faculty and staff contribute to the success of students.

§         Effective educators, by their own example, encourage in their students a strong passion and respect for learning.

§         Education is a shared responsibility among students, school personnel, parents, and the Clarkstown community.

§         Each student should learn and grow academically, individually, and socially in a high quality environment that promotes their well-being.

§         The environment of our school should support the comfort, safety, and security of the Clarkstown community, inclusive of up-to-date and functional facilities and equipment, as well as an atmosphere that fosters acceptance, tolerance, and the emotional well-being of our life-long learners.

§         We should be dedicated to the idea that each day presents new opportunities.



North High School Mission Statement

A small team of teachers, board members, parents and predominately students compiled the belief statements determined by our community, organized these beliefs and then wrote the following Mission Statement:


"As a family of open-minded people, Clarkstown High School North prepares students to become ethical, responsible, and creative global citizens who will leave their mark on society. Collaborative efforts between the local and school communities will provide guidance, support, and opportunities for involvement. This will enable students to participate in challenging academia, athletics, and arts; organize community and school events; voice their opinions on a local and national level; and lead fellow citizens to fulfill their civic duties."


Profile of the Graduate

The fourteen committees met again to discuss the components needed for the construction of the Profile of the Graduate.  This foundational document is the tangible outcome of four years of Clarkstown High School North’s education based on our stakeholders’ beliefs and idealized vision.


Upon graduation, through the guidance of faculty, staff and administration, a graduate of Clarkstown High School North will be able to:

Core Knowledge:

·         Apply mathematical and scientific concepts to everyday situations.

·         Express his/herself in a world language other than English.

·         Use technology as a tool to communicate, process, report and gather information.

·         Demonstrate creativity (in arts, in way of thinking, in self-expression) or simply an appreciation of creativity.

·         Express opinions and articulate a viewpoint about a specified topic through public speaking or the written word.

·         Understand and value the emotional, physical, and financial benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

·         Show proficiency in reading and following instructions, identifying key concepts from passages, and summarizing main ideas.

·         Demonstrate increased tolerance and appreciation of diverse cultures through the study of history, geography, and world languages.


·         Be critical consumers of information.

·         Work cooperatively with others.

·         Effectively manage time and show organizational skills.

·         Take responsibility for their tasks and actions.

·         Positively respond to setbacks or adversity.

·         Stand up for what they believe in.

·         Recognize their academic strengths and weaknesses so they can make more accurate short and long term goals.

·         Apply a sense of ethics, personal and civic responsibility.

·         Be self advocates – express feelings, beliefs, and opinions.



Strategic Planning

As part of the planning protocol, members of the planning teams set high quality goals in the form of objectives.  These objectives have a specific focus, measurable outcomes, and were determined through research of student assessment data and community survey data.  The objectives have been refined by stakeholders and approved by the Middles States Association as rigorous and robust.


After the objectives were determined, the real work of meeting these objectives began.   Each department constructed action plans for the specific ways that changes could be made at North High School in order to reach these objectives.   Below are a summary of the objectives and a sample of some of the many action plans.



Objective #1 – Student Performance Objective English Language Arts

By the year 2016, Clarkstown High School North students will:

1.      Demonstrate an increased academic performance in the area of English Language Arts as measured by :

a.      Improved ELA Regents Mastery rate scores by 14% over 7 year;

b.      Improved ELA Regents Passing rate for students with disabilities by 15% over 7 years.

2.      Improve ELA Regents Competency Test (RCT) for both the reading and writing sections by pass rate of 100% through the year 2010 (*2010 is the last year that the RCT will be administered).

3.      Demonstrate a proficiency in writing and critical thinking as measured by :

a.      Decrease the percentage of students who score below a 3 on the Critical Thinking, Writing, and Grammar sections of the diagnostic test by 8% each academic year;

b.      By 2016, 95% of seniors will score 3 or above on the Critical Thinking, Writing and Grammar sections of the diagnostic test (data to be analyzed per graduating class).



Objective #2 – Student Performance Objective Building-Wide Critical Thinking Skills

By the year 2016, Clarkstown High School North students will demonstrate an increase in critical thinking and creative problem solving as measured by:

1.      Increase the average score on the SAT exam by 15 points.

2.      Increase the average score on the ACT exam by 5 points.

3.      Increase the average baseline enrollment of students taking Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and college level courses by:

a.      15% for Advanced Placement courses and college level courses;

b.      20% average baseline increase for International Baccalaureate enrollment. 

4.      Increase the average baseline percentage of students scoring 4 or higher on IB examinations and assessments by 10%.

5.      Increase the average baseline percentage of students scoring 3 or higher on AP examinations by 5%.

6.      Increase the mastery rate of students with special needs taking the U.S. History Regents Exam by 14%.

7.      Reduce the rate of attrition from higher level to lower level courses to zero.




Objective # 3 – Standard 5 Facilities

As Standard 5 indicates, the physical environment of the school must be safe, clean, and well maintained and supports delivery of the educational programs/services as well as optimal student development and achievement.


By the year 2016, all students at Clarkstown High School North will receive instruction and learn in an environment in which

1.      100% of classrooms have functioning intercom systems that enable communication between the classroom and main office.

2.      100% of classrooms have operational window shades in good repair for proper lighting to enhance student learning and for emergency purposes.

3.      100% of rooms in every part of the school campus will be on a master clock system.

4.      Expand security for all entrances and exits throughout the school campus.

5.      The recycling program is expanded to include plastics and aluminum.

6.      The scope of weekly pest control is expanded beyond the cafeterias to the classrooms, bathrooms, gymnasiums, and library.

7.      A standardized procedure for reporting maintenance needs and the completion of maintenance requests will be developed and implemented to promote more effective communication and efficiency.

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